stinkpot turtle

I.D. Features:

  • —Very small (Ontario's tiniest turtle)- smaller than a hand


    Status: Threatened
    Photo: Adopt-a-pond, Toronto Zoo

  • —Makes a bad smell when handled, and generally as it stays mostly in water
  • tipped protruding and tiny nose
  • —High domed carapace (top-shell)
  • Light olive to black
  • Their plastron (bottom shell) is small, yellow-brown and gives little protection to legs; a "hinge" runs across the front of plastron allowing it to close upward to protect head

Habitat Features:

  • Highly aquatic, rarely seen basking out of water
  • —Found in shallow bays, ponds, marshes and streams where they can stay under the water but still feel the heat of the sun
  • —Eats aquatic insects
  • Sometimes when they do come out of the water they are known to climb trees up to 6 feet high, but when they fall asleep they often fall out