Tunnels and Trauma Campaign

Turtle populations are being devastated. Entire turtle populations are in jeopardy. This campaign will raise funds to support both prevention (awareness and turtle tunnel installations) and cure (education, conservation and turtle trauma unit capacity and care).  See the estimated breakdown of costs here: Campaign Breakdown of costs

To support the campaign please donate!

You can donate directly to the OTCC for trauma care or to TLB for tunnel installation. Or donate to both and we will split the funding to both organizations and action areas, 50/50.

Sponsor a turtle tunnel
Too you can "adopt a turtle tunnel" through our sponsorship program. This way you are showcased as the benefactor of this important infrastructure that helps to save our turtles for years to come.

Please contact Leora Berman at 705-457-4838 or leora@turtleguardians.com to find out more