Watch 4 Turtles Signs are Taking Flight

News from our new partners at Think Turtle Conservation Initiative:

"WATCH 4 TURTLES" Signs, Exciting News To Share ...This awareness initiative just got a whole lot bigger!

The Land Between Charity (nationally registered) and their invaluable partners with the Turtle Guardians Program have teamed up with Think Turtle Conservation Initiative and Scout Canada's 1st Bancroft Beavers & Cubs to further spread the "WATCH 4 TURTLES" message through the nine counties across Central Ontario that make up "Turtle Country." Home to 1/3 of Ontario's turtles. The Land Between is also the name of the region that the charity cares for and this region spans Central Ontario across 9 counties that is Turtle country.The nine counties include: Parry Sound District, Muskoka District, Algonquin Park, Haliburton County, Victoria County, Peterborough County, Hastings County, Lennox & Addington and Frontenac County.

This partnership is based on a common goal to "Help the Ontario Turtles."

As of July Phase 2 of the "WATCH 4 TURTLES" fund raising campaign goes into effect and the allocation of funds from the sale of each sign and any donations received will be in support of "CURE" and "PREVENTION", both areas the Ontario turtles are so in need of help and support.   CURE: Half of the funds from the sale of the signs and donations received will go to the OTCC Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre to aid in the treatment and recovery for the turtles admitted and in their care.  PREVENTION: Half of the funds will go to The Land Between Charity (nationally registered) specifically for their Turtle Guardians program for turtle tunnel assessment and implementation.

To date Phase 1 of the "WATCH 4 TURTLES" fund raising campaign has raised $1,600 through sign, key chain, button, patch, bumper sticker, awareness wristbands sales and donations received, "all" of these funds are to be donated to the OTCC Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre. The final figure will be posted.

We will post where you can purchase the signs in your area as the relationships are set up. At this time signs are at: 

  • Hastings: Contact ThinkTurtle Conservation Initiative (Facebook site)
  • City of Kawartha Lakes: email us for details
  • Haliburton: Country Rose Garden Centre
  • Haliburton/West Guilford: The West Guilford Shopping Centre
  • Minden: Organic Times
  • Muskoka: TBA
  • Guelph: TBA

Or you can order yours online at our store. All proceeds go to the cause.

Kicked off by an e-mail to Think Turtle Conservation Initiative from Scout Leader Loretta Kasperski and the Bancroft Beavers and Cubs wanting to help the turtles in some way as part of their good turn week the little green turtle has become a friendly reminder to "WATCH 4 TURTLES" on the roads. Combined with the kind and caring people of Hastings County and further afield that have purchased signs and made donations our collective efforts are helping turtles and spreading awareness!!! Thank you so much for wanting to be a part of that.

Kindest Regards,
Kelly Wallace, Think Turtle Conservation Initiative
Scout Canada's 1st Bancroft Beavers & Cubs
Loretta Kasperski, Scout Leader

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