Turtle Tunnel Assessments Underway in Haliburton

This fall, thanks to support from U-links Centre for Community Based Research, and using funds raised from the first annual Turtle Walk, students set out to assess turtle tunnels across Haliburton County. In late September, 23 students from Trent University were armed with maps and given training to assess whether any of the 97 identified turtle crossing sites with culverts underfoot, could be retrofitted to become "turtle tunnel sites" - sites where fencing can be installed to move turtles through the culverts and under the roads. the Turtle Guardians program through The Land Between charity is leading the way to install turtle tunnel sites across the region and has identified over 977 potential locations on county roads alone! Funds raised through the Turtle Tunnel and Trauma Campaign help support this cause, with 50% going towards tunnels/prevention of turtle mortality; and 50% going towards trauma care/cure and treatment at the Ontario Turtle Trauma Centre in Peterborough.

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