Become a Guardian

Become a Turtle Guardian and help conserve our special species and spaces!

IMG_0243Turtles and turtle habitats are extremely important in keeping humans healthy: Turtles eat dead matter at the bottom of lakes and wetlands and keep our water clean; wetlands are important habitats used by over 70% of Ontario's species from moose to fish and wetlands regulate water levels and filter pollutants.

Turtle Guardians are at the forefront of stewarding these valuable assets in Ontario. Turtle Guardians monitor and report sightings, which help biologists and groups understand populations, protect areas of biodiversity, and track key road crossing areas so that we can install signs and tunnels. Guardians assist in conserving spaces too by adopting stewardship plans on their properties....

And starting in 2017, because of the Turtle Crisis (Press Release.Turtle Crisis July), Guardians are helping out with our Tunnels and Trauma Campaign: They are assessing tunnel sites for us so that we can direct turtles under roads.

Turtle Guardians receive ID card, logins, training, access to biologists for site visits and to draft stewardship plans on their properties. Guardians can share stories and pictures with each other through the Turtle Guardian Facebook group, and are invited to our Annual Award Ceremony to celebrate and recognize the year's best Guardians.

Turtle Guardians are truly engaged volunteers and future stewards.