helping a turtle across the road

Helping Turtles Cross the Road

If you see a turtle on the road you may have a strong desire to help it across or off the road. Turtle Guardians and The Land Between cautions that this may create a safety hazard to yourself or others, so please be aware of oncoming traffic and other factors. Also note that turtles, especially snapping turtles attempt to protect themselves and may snap. Too turtles may pee. And also turtles carry salmonella so when touched, it is best to wash your hands or sanitize them right away. Finally, turtles spines are fused to their shells and are part of their tales; so that handling turtles by their tales may injure their ability to move and survive.

Many of the turtles on roads are  crossing to reach nesting sites; and these turtles will return to their nesting sites and cross within 5m of the same line each year for hundreds of years. Therefore turtles are on a mission; and if you decide of your own accord to move them, move them turtle the direction that the turtle is heading.