Blanding’s Turtle

Status: Threatened
Photo: Leora Berman

I.D. Features:

  • Blanding's turtles are always smiling!
  • Bright yellow neck
  • Highly domed carapaces (upper shells).
  • Many irregular radiation dots (small and discrete) on their shells
  • Large black symmetrically arranged scutes

Habitat Features:

  • Blanding's turtles are semi-aquatic and will travel long distances to reach nesting sites- up to 2.5km from wetlands
  • Like large shallows, ponds, and marshes
  • Will be found in creeks with soft-bottoms
  • Eats fish, frogs, berries, crayfish, plants and dead animals
  • Capable of catching live fish

Range in The Land Between (Ontario Nature Atlas):

Blandings turtle range ON

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