Turtle Habitats

Turtles live is the coolest habitats in Ontario! They live in aquatic habitats including ponds, lakes and rivers, but are most often found in wetlands. Wetlands are habitats that are needed and used by more than 70% of all of Ontario's mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, and bugs! They are arguable the most important and diverse habitats in the world.

Wetlands are habitats where water is contained on land for more than 45 consecutive days of the year, and therefore where organic spongy soil develops. The plants that love water and organic soils are unique and, with the soils, are able to remove excess nutrients and pollutants from the water and environment.  The spongy soils also control water levels, by soaking up excess water and reducing flooding, and by providing water when everything else is dry.  Wetlands are found in the middle of forests and fields, at the edges of lakes and rivers, as ponded areas that beavers have dammed amongst the rocks....There are 4 basic types of wetlands in Ontario:

  • Swamps/Carrs
  • Bogs
  • Fens
  • Marshes