The Land Between. Ontario’s Turtle Country

1/3 of all Ontario turtlesOntario waterboundaryTLB Logo new with hashtagThe Land Between is a region that extends from Georgian Bay to the Ottawa Valley. It has the only rock barrens in the province, and the highest percentage of shorelines to area in Ontario. It is also mainly in tact. Therefore, The Land Between region together with the Frontenac Arch have over 1/3 of Ontario's turtles and are the last strongholds for most turtle species.

Blanding's Turtle Range (Ontario Nature):

Blandings turtle range ONNorthern Map Turtle Range (Ontario Nature): Map turtle range ONStinkpot/Musk Turtle Range (Ontario Nature): stinkpot turtle range ONAnd TLB has more spotted and wood turtles too than anywhere in Ontario.

This is why The Land Between charity aims to conserve turtles! The Land Between is turtle country. Basic RGB