Tunnels and Trauma Campaign

The Land Between bioregion is home to over 1/3 of Ontario's turtles. It is one of the last strongholds and a land of hope for the future of turtle populations.

However, turtle populations are being devastated here quickly. Entire turtle populations are in jeopardy. Turtles take between 50-80 years of nesting to successfully replace itself: one turtle loss is a loss for all time. Any turtle that is killed on roads is a preventable loss.

This campaign will raise funds to support both prevention (to raise awareness, map and identify potential tunnel sites, evaluate sites,  and install inexpensive fencing and turtle tunnels under roads) and cure (turtle trauma unit capacity and care).

  • In The Land Between, where over 1/3 of all of Ontario's turtles live, we have identified over 970 potential tunnel sites, where we can save turtles by directing them under the roads. To evaluate and then install these tunnels, we estimate the minimum cost per site (after creatively sourcing fencing materials and with donated time from road crews too) is $10,000.00 each. Therefore to effectively get turtles off roads and out of harms way, we need to raise $1M.
  • The Trauma Centre in Peterborough, Ontario's only turtle hospital requires approx. $500,000 each year in supplies and overhead alone to save turtles.

To support the campaign please donate!

You can donate directly to the OTCC for trauma care or to TLB for prevention and tunnel installation. Or donate to both and we will split the funding to both organizations and action areas, 50/50. Please note that a maximum of 10% from donations is used for administration purposes (for CRA charities directorate reporting, audits, and to keep the lights on!).

Sponsor a turtle tunnel
Too you can "adopt a turtle tunnel" through our sponsorship program. This way you are showcased as the benefactor of this important infrastructure that helps to save our turtles for years to come. What is a turtle tunnel? Find out here

Please contact Leora Berman at 705-457-4838 or leora@turtleguardians.com to find out more